Gigas quidam, ortus ex Durgia, pago Sueviae, Carolo M. Imperat. equô meruit: flumina quae pontibus iuncta non erant, post se equum suum trahens, superare solitus fuit: Venedos Avaresque hostes, in foeni modum demptebat, et in morem avicularum hastâ, velut cuspide, fixos, humeris suspendebat. Aeventm. l. 4. Annal. Boiorum.

Hofmann J. Lexicon universale. 1698.

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  • Aenotherus — was the bodyguard of Emperor Charlemagne in French medieval folklore. In his Annals of Bavaria , the historian Johannes Aventinus wrote that a Ænotherus was so large that he threw down whole battalions like mowing grass. The huge warrior was from …   Wikipedia

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